Hook Bookmark

Add some bling and personality to your books that anyone can see! You can add all sorts of charms, including a handmade beaded charm, to a plain metal hook bookmark to personalize it. These accessories are easy to create and make great gifts for friends.


  • Metal hook bookmark
  • Jump rings
  • S-hook
  • Large eye pin or head pin
  • Beads
  • Charms
  • Jewelry pliers
  1. Assemble your materials. Make sure your findings and charms will hold up well, especially if you’ll be traveling with your bookmark. You can find what you need at your local craft store.
  2. Thread beads onto the large eye pin, starting with the pin you want at the bottom of your charm. Leave about half an inch (1cm) of empty space at the top of the pin.
  3. Use jewelry pliers to bend the open end of the eye pin into a closed loop so that the beads are secure.
  4. Attach a jump ring and s-hook to the bookmark as shown. This is where you’ll hang the charms.
  5. Add charms, including the beaded one you made, to the s-hook.
  6. You can also add charms, such as small initial charms, to the jump ring itself.

Thanks to contributor Melinda Bell for this craft idea!